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The Board of Directors of IKECA created the Canadian Chapter (formerly the Canadian Council) to serve the needs of IKECA’s Canadian members.

The Canadian Chapter makes recommendations to IKECA regarding certification and member requirements that will directly benefit and be specific to Canadian members. The Chapter will also work directly with IKECA staff to educate the local AHJs and municipalities on proper exhaust cleaning and inspection.
IKECA sees this as an extraordinary opportunity to put more of the direction of our Canadian members into their own hands.
Click here to contact the Canadian Chapter President, Alex Young, CECS

IKECA will accept Canadian payments at par when received as written check only.  When remitting checks, be sure to include a copy of the related IKECA invoice and mail to:  IKECA Headquarters, 2331 Rock Spring Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050.

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Translators for Certification Exams

For our non-English speaking members, IKECA is now offering an opportunity to have a third-party translator to proctor and deliver an IKECA certification exam in their own language.

Featured Article

by Dave O’Neil
IKECA Canadian Chapter
Windsor, Ontario is the southernmost city in Canada and has a population of approximately 225,000 people. In December of 2006, there was a restaurant fire caused by a grease laden kitchen exhaust system that caused 1.5 million dollars of fire damage. NFPA 96 guidelines were not followed by the Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company that serviced that kitchen prior to that fire. We soon discovered that the majority of the exhaust systems were not being maintained to the NFPA 96 standard. The Ontario Office of the Fire Marshall has now added a two day course to their curriculum to insure that AHJ have the proper knowledge to inspect commercial kitchen exhaust systems properly. In conclusion with our new approach to inspecting commercial kitchens and with most stakeholders working in compliance with NFPA 96 I’m very proud to report that Windsor, Ontario has not had any significant fire losses in our commercial kitchen establishments in the last four years. Full Text Here

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