Active North American Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Company


  1. Complete the online application
  2. Have at least one employee successfully certified as a CECS or CESI
  3. Provide proof insurance for the company’s general liability, vehicle and workers’ compensation policies
  4. Read the IKECA Policies and Procedures that govern membership.


$925 per year + one-time $250 application fee
Dues will be pro-rated for the following dues year for members who join after June.
The current cost of annual dues is made at the direction of the IKECA Board of Directors, and subject to change each year.

Why Join?

IKECA is the only not-for-profit global organization dedicated to advancing the quality of cleaning, inspection and maintenance in commercial kitchen exhaust systems. Network with peers in your industry to enhance your knowledge base and build your professional network; this is one of the benefits IKECA members deem most valuable even though hard to quantify.

Listen to what an IKECA member has to say about membership!

Of course, there are many other benefits to membership, including:

Peer Network

IKECA members who engage within the organization build strong relationships that they leverage throughout the course of their career.  IKECA members have been known to invite one another into their operations to learn how more seasoned businesses run successfully.

  • Develop relationships with veteran professional kitchen exhaust cleaners who understand the unique challenges you face running your business
  • Get help from other IKECA members when you come across a new or unique situation in the field; chances are, another IKECA member has already faced the same challenge and can coach you to success

Reduced Costs for Certification

Member companies receive greatly reduced rates for both certification exams and certification renewal fees. As more and more jurisdictions require certification, you will be ahead of the curve while keeping costs down. The member rates apply to all employees of the member company and for those in the process of applying for membership.

  • Be one of the most qualified companies in this highly competitive bidding environment
  • Gain integral understanding of the guidelines, standards and codes that are required to ensure compliance on every job
  • Demonstrate your knowledge base and commitment to professional kitchen exhaust cleaning, differentiating your company from the “hood polishers” who do not conduct a complete cleaning

Review further information about IKECA certification here

Mentor Program

New members are paired with an experienced mentor who has been an IKECA member for at least three years to help make sure you receive the most out of your membership.

  • Build your business with the help of an experienced IKECA member who has been in the kitchen exhaust cleaning business for years and knows industry best practices
  • Gain constructive feedback to grow your business and your career from notoriously direct IKECA members

Two In-Person Meetings Per Year

IKECA hosts two annual events: the Annual Membership Meeting every Spring and the Fall Technical Seminar & Expo. Member companies receive discounted registration rates for all employees of the company.

  • New members will receive a voucher for $450 which can be applied towards registration for an IKECA event within your first year of membership!
  • Take advantage of the opportunities to network face to face with leaders from around the world who are in the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry
  • Access key industry vendors to learn about how their products and services can support your work in the field and directly impact your bottom line
  • Learn from key industry thought leaders in the numerous educational session available
  • Earn up to 2.0 CEUs (20 hours of continuing education) which can be used towards your IKECA certification renewal requirements

Check out all of IKECA’s upcoming meetings

Committee Involvement

Employees from member companies have the opportunity to serve on IKECA committees designed to improve the member experience and grow the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry.

  • Connect with your fellow members to network, LEARN, and give back to your association and the kitchen exhaust cleaning industry. Committee members often claim the biggest return on their investment in IKECA membership is the ideas they take away from their involvement and implement into their companies.
  • Committee members can earn 0.1 CEUs (one hour of continuing education) per committee meeting

Virtual HR Desk

Members have access to download over 50 generic HR forms such as job descriptions, sample interview questions, performance evaluations, employee handbook templates and more.

  • Don’t re-invent the wheel for your day-to-day small business operation needs when you can download and implement complimentary forms
  • Use the resources available to help hire the right candidates and easily navigate potentially tough situations such as separation from an exiting employee, conducting performance reviews and avoiding unionization of your employees

Marketing Resources

  • Access to an affordable and professional social media marketing program through Laidlaw Group, IKECA’s marketing communications firm of choice
  • Gain visibility for your business through custom Social Media pages that are developed with professional content, professionally managed by Laidlaw Group
  • Engage with local and national jurisdictions to build your brand and get more business

Industry Resources

Members receive discounts on ANSI/IKECA Standards and merchandise; as well as having access to complimentary resources designed to help your relationships with local AHJs and prospective clients.

  • Get your hands on the ANSI/IKECA C10 and I10 StandardsThese IKECA developed, ANSI accredited standards go beyond the NFPA 96 by getting more specific to kitchen exhaust cleaning and providing further guidance on properly cleaning and inspecting systems
  • AHJ 101 PowerPoint: This complimentary presentation can be customized to be co-branded with your company and is designed to help educate AHJs on the importance of regular kitchen exhaust cleaning to ensure life safety and fire prevention.
  • KEC Best Practice Brochure: Use this complimentary brochure to help educate local AHJs and facility managers how to hire the best KEC company and why looking beyond a cheap bid is a good idea!
  • Discounted merchandise: Earn discounts on hood certificates, access panel certificates, grease gauges and more!

Check out all the products and resources available in the IKECA online store

Use the IKECA Logo

Members can download and use the IKECA logo on all promotional material for their company.

  • By aligning your company with IKECA, you brand your company as a professional kitchen exhaust cleaning company and distinguishes yourself form the “hood polishers”
  • The IKECA logo represents a dedication to the IKECA mission to be committed to fire prevention and life safety by advancing the quality of cleaning, inspection and maintenance of commercial exhaust systems worldwide

PECT Program

This member exclusive program is designed to help technician become prepared to earn their certification. Your employees will earn their Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) designation upon successfully completing exam.

  • Have your newest technicians become intimately familiar with the current editions of the NFPA 96 Manual, OSHA health/safety regulations, and general industry knowledge they need for the job
  • Keep your employees incentivized to stay at your company and grow their experience level while bring them through the levels of certification
  • Build confidence in your new employees by ensuring their baseline industry knowledge and test-taking skills for them to be successful on their path to future certification

Find out more about the PECT program and how it can benefit your employees

Industry Updates

All members received a quarterly newsletter and IKECA Journal distributed twice per year

  • Keep up to date with the latest industry news, committee initiatives and IKECA membership benefits
  • Read company spotlights for tips on business operations and planning from other IKECA members around the world

Check out the latest issue of the IKECA Journal online

Listing in the Online Membership Directory

All members are included in the online membership directory hosted on the IKECA website

  • Maximize your exposure and allow prospective clients to find your company through our online membership directory
  • Legitimize your company by allowing clients and AHJs to verify that you are an IKECA member who is properly insured and has at least one IKECA certified employee

View the online membership directory

Voting Privileges

Each member company has a vote for the IKECA Board of Directors and issues that may be presented to general membership during IKECA meetings.

Find out more about membership voting privileges in the IKECA Bylaws

If you wish to apply for membership via mail or PDF, please contact IKECA Headquarters: