Benefits of IKECA Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Certification

For Employees

IKECA Certifications are objective and measurable ways of determining a general competency and knowledge in the latest industry standards and codes. Certification can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Increasing compensation
  • Enhancing career mobility
  • The right to use the CECS or CESI label after your name
  • Elevating other industry professionals to a higher standard
  • Increased recognition to employers, customers, and industry peers

For Employers

Encourage and support your employees. IKECA requires that all members have at least one employees certified as a CECS or CESI, but more and more jurisdiction are requiring certifications for every crew member on a job. Certification is an investment in your business that increases retention and helps empower your staff in many ways, including:

  • Recruit and retain trained, qualified and certified employees
  • Satisfy the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction
  • Carve a market differentiator based on IKECA certification
  • Attract more customers

For the Public

  • Helps in identifying trained, qualified and certified service providers
  • Increases confidence in service providers
  • Provides a process to follow in case of customer dissatisfaction

Certification vs. Training

What is the difference?

Training is a hands-on approach to learning the basics of the exhaust cleaning industry. It gives students a real world experience and should put them on actual jobs to see how various systems are cleaned and inspected. By the end of the training program, students should have a working knowledge of how to clean and inspect a variety of systems using a variety of methods.

Certification is a knowledge-based recognition of an individual who shows a competency on the guidelines, codes and standards in the industry. By studying the materials and passing the test, a student shows that they have a working knowledge of the required codes and standards that apply to the entire industry.

Neither training nor certification guarantees that any company or individual will do a good job. Some organizations offer “certification for life” and others let candidates take open book exams. IKECA’s programs are different. We believe that individuals should continue their education well beyond the exam, and that those that we certify, uphold the most rigid Code of Conduct in the industry.

IKECA does not endorse any cleaning method or training provider.