Certification Renewals

Effective 1/1/2017, all IKECA Certifications will be due to renew on June 1st. When you or an employee are renewing IKECA Certification, the appropriate renewal payment and CEUs (continuing education units) must be submitted.

To renew your CECT, CECS, or CESI certification, please submit the appropriate amount of CEUs as well as the renewal fee. Renewal is the responsibility of the certified individual. Once renewed, your certification will follow the standard renewal requirements.

In accordance with IKECA’s privacy policy and in observance of best practices relating to certification, IKECA will mail original Certification Certificates and ID cards to the attention of the Certificate Holder at their address of record. It is the sole responsibility of the Certificate Holder to provide proof of their credential to their employer of record as necessary. This applies to certificates and ID cards initially issued upon successful completion of the certification exam and those issued upon subsequent certification renewals. For this reason, it is imperative that the Certificate Holder informs IKECA of any change of Employer, address and/or contact information as soon as possible. In the event that the candidate requires a duplicate certificate or ID card to be sent directly to their employer of record, the candidate must complete and submit, with applicable additional payment, a Certificate and/or ID Card Replacement Request form with their initial exam application or renewal requirements.

Standard Renewals

Please refer to the information below if you have an active IKECA Certification.

Certification Renews Every Renewal Fee Member Renewal Fee Non-Member CEUs required
CECT 2 years on June 1st $50 $75 1
CECS 1 year on June 1st $100 $150 1.5
CESI 2 years on June 1st $75 $175 3
PECT 3 years on June 1st $45 $45 N/A