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Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT)

The Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) pre-certification program is only available to IKECA member companies in good standing and designed to expose crew members and employees to the codes and practices required by IKECA. The PECT is a designation and is not a certification.
The PECT designation is earned by any technician who successfully passes the written exam. The exam is open book and can be completed at your own pace. Supervisors are encouraged to conduct training sessions with PECT candidates during which the exam materials are reviewed, key issues are highlighted, and questions and answers are discussed.
Special Offer: Any individual who earns a PECT designation and applies for the CECT exam within one year will be eligible to apply the PECT exam fee towards their CECT exam, reducing the CECT fee by 50%!
*Update* The Certification Committee works to ensure that certification programs are current and reflect the most up-to-date codes and standards in the industry. As a result, PECT exams will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.
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More About the PECT

  • ‚ÄčDesignation as a Professional Exhaust Cleaning Technician (PECT) is a voluntary program offered by IKECA.
  • The PECT designation is issued in the name of the individual who passed the PECT exam.
  • The PECT designation is not a certification, but a designation awarded to technicians.
  • Promotion of PECT as a certification is prohibited.
  • 150 work hours experience is recommended prior to enrolling for the PECT program
  • The exam is 72 multiple-choice questions, open book and has no time limit for completion
  • A score of 70% or better on the PECT examination is considered passing and required to earn the designation
  • Exam content includes NFPA 96 (2014 Edition), OSHA Health & Safety Standards and general industry knowledge

PECT Renewal:
The renewal date of the designation in the first renewal cycle depends on when the exam was completed. Each subsequent renewal cycle will be due for renewal every three years. A renewal fee of $45 is required within 90 days of expiration. Please see the renewal page for more details.A technician forfeits his/her PECT designations should he/she leave the employment of the IKECA member company for whom he/she worked when the exam was completed.
Exam and renewal fees are non-refundable.