Online CEU Opportunities

The IKECA Certification Committee has compiled a resource of recommended sources of online courses which can be used to earn the continuing education credits required to renew your certification. These courses could serve as a valuable way to earn your CEUs in a way which fits into your schedule.

Please note that each course requires a certificate of completion when submitting to IKECA Headquarters for your renewal. Click here for a copy of the CEU submission form to include when renewing your certification.

The courses below have been pre-approved by the committee. If you wish to complete any courses which are not detailed below, we encourage you to email the IKECA Management Team to confirm if the course would qualify.

OpenSesame Online Courses:
Compliance, Safety, Business Skills, and more!
Confined Space Entry: Permit Required (30-minute course) 0.05 CEUs
Fall Protection (One hour course) 0.1 CEUs
Fire Prevention & Protection (One hour course) 0.1 CEUs
Ladder Safety (One hour course) 0.1 CEUs
Lockout/Tagout (90-minute course) 0.15 CEUs
Personal Protective Equipment (40-minute course) 0.05 CEUs
OSHA: Fall Protection (45-minute course) 0.1 CEUs
OSHA: Fire Safety and Prevention (45-minute course) 0.1 CEUs
OSHA: Introduction to OSHA (30-minute course) 0.05 CEUs
OSHA: Personal Protective Equipment (45-minute course) 0.1 CEUs
OSHA: 10-hour Training Course 1.0 CEUs
WellNet Solutions Online Courses:
Online Quiz and Online Training

Several of the courses below are also available in French
IKECA Quiz Module 1 – NFPA 98 (2011 Edition) 0.1 CEUs
Confined Space Awareness 0.1 CEUs
Fire Safety 0.1 CEUs
Ladder Safety 0.05 CEUs
Lockout/Tagout 0.15 CEUs
Managing Workplace Hazards 0.1 CEUs
PPE Use, Selection and Care 0.1 CEUs
Respiratory Protection Program 0.1 CEUs
Slips, Trips and Falls 0.05 CEUs
e-Training Online Courses:
Safety Training and Certification
Confined Space 0.2 CEUs
Fall Protection 0.2 CEUs
Fire Safety 0.2 CEUs
Hazard Communication 0.2 CEUs
Introduction to OSHA 0.2 CEUs
Introduction to Stairways & Ladders 0.2 CEUs
Personal Protective Equipment Safety 0.2 CEUs
Power Tool Safety 0.2 CEUs
Respiratory Protection 0.2 CEUs
Grandy & Associates:
Online Business Training
(available for up to 25% of total CEUs needed for certification renewal)
Five Customer Buying Principles 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 1 – Profitable Service Starts with a Solid Foundation 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 2 – Demand Service – It’s All About That Price! 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 3 – Demand Service – Key Performance Indicators 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 4 – Maintenance Agreements – Creating Profitable Lifetime Customers 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 5 – Maintenance Agreements – Key Performance Indicators 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 6 – ProfitSmart Activities – Turning On The Cash Flow 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 7 – Career Techs, Goals and Motivation 0.1 CEUs
SMU Module 8 – Service Department Leadership – Where Are We Going? 0.1 CEUs
Why Do We Have To Charge So Much? 0.1 CEUs