Exam Applications For IKECA Certification

Policies for Exam Conduct

This section is applicable to all IKECA certification exams.

  • At the testing location, you will receive an exam booklet with a separate sheet on which to record your answers by filling in a small circle with a pencil
  • Test applicants are required to sign the Exam Affidavit Form prior to the start of the exam
  • Closed book exam – no notes, books or calculators will be permitted in the exam room
  • Pencils will be available but you are advised to bring two sharp #2 pencils
  • At the conclusion of the exam, you will be required to return your test booklet and answer sheet to the exam proctor
  • Beverages are permitted in the testing room; food is prohibited
  • There is no smoking in the testing room
  • Cell phones, smart phones, pagers or any other electronic devices are prohibited
  • Candidates may leave the examination room as needed, but may not take any materials with them when they leave the room and are not allowed to bring materials back into the room with them. You are not permitted to remove a copy of the test booklet from the room
  • Collaboration/disruptive conduct during the test are prohibited. Any violation of this regulation shall result in a score of zero for the test, and possible prohibition from sitting future IKECA certification tests
  • IKECA reserves the right to cancel any test score if, in the association’s sole opinion, there is adequate reason to challenge its validity
  • IKECA reserves the right to delete from scoring any question which is determined to have been exposed before the test administration, or is determined to be flawed
  • IKECA reserves the right to cancel a test administration if it has been determined that the security of the test was violated prior to its administration
  • Candidates who experience extraordinary disturbances/distractions during an IKECA test may detrimentally or materially affect their performance should file a written complaint with the IKECA office. Such a complaint or appeal must be filed within 7 days of the administration of the test, and must describe the nature and effects of the disturbance or distraction. Complaints or appeals submitted after 7 days, or the release of score letters, shall not be considered

Private Proctors

In order to set up a privately proctored IKECA exam, you must find a qualified proctor to administer the exam. You will need to contact the proctor to arrange an appointment to take the exam that is convenient for both of you. The proctor must be a disinterested, third-party, and cannot be a direct supervisor of or anyone related to the person(s) taking the exam. The exam packet will be sent to the proctor, with a prepaid return envelope, and returned by the proctor.  Both the examinee and proctor will need to sign an affidavit verifying that exam procedures were followed.

Fees associated with the use of a proctor are the sole responsibility of the candidate.

Test Critique Procedures

IKECA uses a formal procedure to allow and encourage all candidates to challenge the content of specific test questions or the overall test. Under this procedure, candidates receive a special critique form during the test that they may complete anonymously, noting possibly vague or ambiguous aspects of questions, or other test quality issues. These forms should be completed during the administration of the test, but after the candidate has completed all examination questions. The critiques are used by IKECA in its post administration, quality control review of the test.

Translator Services

Employees don’t speak English? Have a translator proctor their exam! For our non-English speaking members, IKECA is now offering an opportunity to have a third-party translator proctor and deliver an IKECA certification exam in their own language. This is exciting news to any IKECA member who is in need of a translator during the exam process!

How to Use a Translator

  1. Review the translators below and select the one most appropriate for you.
  2. Contact the translator and schedule an appointment to take your exam, including date, time and location (all translation fees are the individual/company’s responsibility).
  3. Fill out an IKECA certification exam application; include your appointment information under the proctor section. The address should be the location where you are taking the exam.
  4. E-mail/fax/mail your exam application to IKECA Headquarters.

Interpreters Unlimited

11199 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite 203
San Diego, CA
Contact person: Jennifer Gonzalez
E-mail: jennifer.gonzalez@iugroup.com
Phone: 858-866-0500 (ext. 128)
Price information (PDF)

American Language Services

1849 Sawtelle Boulevard, Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA
Contact person: Alan Weiss
E-mail: alan@alsglobal.net
Phone: 310-829-0741 (ext. 304)
Price information (PDF)

The Global Media Desk (Interpreters of Canada)

7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200
Irvine, CA
Contact person: Javier Franco
E-mail: jfranco@globalmediadesk.com
Phone: 888-957-2747
Price information (PDF)