Code of Professional Conduct

All individuals who become certified must agree to abide by the following Code of Professional Conduct:

No individual is eligible to apply for or maintain certification unless in compliance with all IKECA rules, practices, policies and procedures, including but not limited to those stated in the IKECA BylawsMembership Policies & Procedures, and Candidates Guide to the Certification Examination. An individual may not make and shall correct immediately any statement concerning the individual’s status that is or becomes inaccurate, untrue, or misleading. Any change in facts or events bearing on eligibility or certification must be reported to IKECA within sixty (60) days of the change.

IKECA does not warrant the performance of any individual or company. In accordance with IKECA rules and procedures, IKECA may deny certification or render sanctions against an applicant or certificant in the case of:

  1. Ineligibility for IKECA certification;
  2. Irregularity in connection with any IKECA examination;
  3. Failure to pay fees required by IKECA;
  4. Unauthorized possession of, use of, or access to IKECA examinations, certificates, cards, and logos of IKECA, the name “International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association,” IKECA certification designations, the term “IKECA,” and any other IKECA documents and materials;
  5. Obtaining or attempting to obtain certification or recertification by a false or misleading statement or failure to make a required statement, fraud or deceit in an application, reapplication or any other communication to IKECA;
  6. Misrepresentation of IKECA certification or certification status;
  7. Failure to provide or update any information required by IKECA;
  8. Gross or repeated negligence in professional work;
  9. False or misleading advertising relating to kitchen exhaust cleaning work;
  10. Limitation or sanction (including but not limited to revocation or suspension by a regulatory board or professional organization) relating to kitchen exhaust cleaning and/or public health;
  11. Failure to abide by applicable bonding and/or licensing regulations;
  12. Failure to comply with IKECA Guidelines & Best Practices and NFPA Standards for kitchen exhaust cleaning;
  13. Habitual use of alcohol or any drug or substance, or any physical or mental condition, which impairs competent and objective professional performance;
  14. Other violation of an IKECA rule, practice, policy or procedure as provided in any IKECA brochure or other material provided to candidates or certificants.