KEC Pandemic Preparedness Planning Guide

How ready is your KEC company for the “new normal” as states in the US, and countries across the globe, begin to reopen? To assist members in planning, the following resources are provided as a guide and template for a re-opening plan for your U.S.-based business. This is a benefit exclusively for IKECA Members and is offered free of charge.

The materials in this Program are solely for the information of IKECA members. It does not constitute legal or medical advice. IKECA makes no warranties, express or implied, regarding the Program or Program materials, including warranty of fitness for use. Each member must make its own decisions regarding appropriate COVID-19 practices and protocols, at all times guided by Federal, State, and local requirements applicable to that member. IKECA disclaims any liability that may arise from the use of the Program materials.

Learn how IKECA Members are implementing the Preparedness Plan and
navigating the challenges of operating a KEC business in the midst of a global pandemic: